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I have taught in many schools and visited many many more.  But yesterday was a first.  I was visiting St Augustine’s in Trowbridge to show Roamer-Too to a cluster of teachers. And we had a great time playing for the afternoon, chatting, developing ideas etc.  And then I went to the loo.  And here was the first.  There was a small lined basket with a selection of toiletries – deodorant sprays and lotions and potions.  I was mesmerised. And apparently the Gents loo had similar

I thought about it later and realised that they were probably not used very often.  They would be a thrill to start with but then just “there”.  So they wouldn’t need replacing very often.  So for a really limited amount of money (probably less than £20 a year), you get an enormous effect.  You are saying – this is a really civilised place to work and we care about you.  Remember it next time you are recruiting.  Oh, and if you want me to come and check out your loo I’ll be more than happy to come and do a Roamer-Too workshop for your cluster.

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