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So we are about to enter the Year of the Dragon. This is meant to be a very lucky year. But I have to say it hasn’t done us any favours as yet. China has closed down. We failed to persuade the Chinese Government to delay Chinese New Year until Roamer-Too had been completed. So PJ our Production Manager has returned empty handed; all very frustrating. But just the latest of frustrating things that have dominated the gestation of this little creature.

On the positive side, Roamer-Toos will be zipping out to see you all next month. And not a moment too soon. It became very clear talking to you all at Bett last week that you cannot wait to get them into your classrooms.

What I did find rather disturbing last week though, was the number of old friends who came to see us , who are now grey and wrinkled. In fact one Adviser was telling me about her new grandchild and I had first known her as her maiden name!

It made me think that maybe I had been around too long, but then I thought about the prospect of our little Roamer-Toos going out and helping educate the next generation of children and I got all excited again and thought that maybe I’ll stick around a while longer.

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