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Last week while watching “Who wants to be a millionaire” I knew that the Singapore Flyer (and a couple of others) were not race horses or roller coasters but were large ferris wheels.  How did I know this?  I knew this because that day I had been on Facebook looking at photos of my cousin Pat on the Singapore Flyer.  If I had been asked the question a day earlier I wouldn’t have known the answer.  The fantastic film “Slumdog Millionaire” beautifully illustrates just how random our acquisition of knowledge can be.  We learn just by living.

So why do we need schools?  Because , despite what some politicians seem to think, knowledge is so much more than knowing a few facts. Teachers lead their pupils through the learning process, focussing on understanding and skill development rather than the rote learning of capital cities.

And this is where Roamer is so strong – by playing with Roamer pupils develop a concrete understanding of abstract  concepts.  Not only that, they become active in their own education, constantly setting themselves new challenges to solve.  As active participants in their own learning they tend to have a quicker and deeper understanding and to be able to develop a set of thinking skills that provides a solid foundation for higher order thinking skills.

So whilst I am proud that I could answer a question that Vic Reeves couldn’t, I also recognise that if you just learn facts there will always be ones you miss out on.  All Chris Tarrant would have to do would be to ask me a question about “Eastenders” and I would be a gonner!

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