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OMG! (to use the current lexicon) miracles really do happen.  I have mentioned several times Dave’s insistence that understanding Maths is more important than learning “how” to do sums. So whenever E wanted help with her homework (she just wanted a quick and easy solution)  he made her think about it and work it out.  You can imagine the battles that ensued and the joy of being in the same room as them.

But it seems to have paid off!  E is currently sitting her Maths mock GCSE and last night she told Dave that she was feeling quietly confident because if she didn’t know an answer she had realised that she could work it out. Hooray! Hooray!

Now how to get that message across to the politicians who seem to think that because they spent some time in school as a child they understand education? Perhaps we should send a Roamer® to every politician and get them to play with it.  Then maybe, just maybe, they will start to understand just how important working things out for themselves and experiencing Maths is. And also just how much fun can be had playing with a specially designed educational robot that can help open up and make sense of the world of abstract thought.  Now that would be something!

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