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Roamer has been designed to be neutral – it shows no culture or gender bias.  We feel this is important; the moment you give it a character it becomes part of that culture. And we all now know, thanks to the HSBC adverts, that colour can have different meanings in different cultures.  The importance of this neutrality is explored on our Tumblr site.

I enjoy making up activities for different cultures that involve changing the appearance of Roamer appropriate to the activity and culture.  For me it is all part of the educational experience of he child.  However last week I was on holiday and my reading matter was a book on north Korea. I tried to think of a Roamer activity that would reflect the cultural environment of the students there.  Beyond standing still and “singing” the National Anthem, I was stymied.

To give an example of the North Korean curriculum, the following are apparently genuine Grade 1 Maths questions:

“Eight boys and nine girls are singing anthems in praise of Kim Il-sung. How many children are singing in total”

“A girl is acting as a messenger to our patriotic troops during the war against the Japanese occupation. She carries a message in a basket containing five apples, but is stopped by a Japanese soldier at a checkpoint. He steals two of her apples. How many are left?”

“Three soldiers from the Korean People’s Army killed thirty American soldiers. How many American soldiers were killed by each of them if they all killed an equal number of enemy soldiers?”

And one of the songs taught in music class, which has a bright and happy tune – the equivalent of our “Twinkle twinkle little star” is “Shoot the Yankee Bastards”

“Our enemies are the American bastards

Who are trying to take over our beautiful fatherland.

With guns that I make with my own hands

I will shoot them. BANG, BANG, BANG”


The other environment that I have trouble thinking of a suitable Roamer activity is Hogwarts School.

However if your school is not included in either of these cultures then Roamer is ideal for you and if you get stuck thinking about activities for your students then we can help. Just contact us.

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