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Are You Ready?

Knowing that I had done a lot of workshops recently a teacher friend asked me what a school that was prepared for the new Computing Curriculum looked like.  What equipment did they have? I thought about it for a while and realised that it wasn’t what the school looked like that made the difference – it was how it felt. There are so many ways you could tackle the new curriculum that the equipment you choose doesn’t really define how good you are – although of course I would advocate the use of Roamer®.
But the common factor of everyone I have met at Computing Conferences has been an openness to learn and a willingness to embrace what they need to do to get Computing going in their schools.  Now of course the very fact that these teachers have voluntarily gone to a course on the new Computing Curriculum automatically puts them into this category.

But contrast this with the attitude of teachers I have met at non-computing courses.  Asked about what they are doing about getting ready for the mandatory new curriculum the response tends to be one of horror/disinterest.  They are not going to think about it until they have to – like when an Ofsted is looming.  Until that time it is far too difficult to get to grips with and they will leave it to other members to staff to deal with.

Luckily I have met far more of the former than the latter.  But of course, as already said, it is those type of teachers who go to the places I am and strive to make a difference to their student’s education.

Unfortunately there are far more of the latter – the ones who stay at school waiting to be hand fed, and whom I don’t meet.

But help is at hand.  We will soon be launching the Roamer Computing Curriculum Packs.  A KS1, a lower KS2 and an upper KS2 pack.  Each pack contains 10 activities and all the worksheets etc needed for them.  And all tied in to the new Computing curriculum.  So even the most reluctant teacher will be able to provide a valuable educational experience that satisfies the requirements of the Computing curriculum in an easily managed way.  Hooray!

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