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Brain Power

On the news recently was a truly remarkable story.  A retail worker in the US got mugged and in the process suffered a minor brain injury.   Once he had recovered he started noticing flow patterns in the toilet flush.  In fact all around him he could see patterns.  It frightened him so much that he went back to the Doctor.  It was discovered that as his brain had repaired itself his left hemisphere had gone into overdrive  and he was now an expert mathematician.

This echos with some research a French team did with young adults who had suffered severe brain trauma from road traffic accidents.  The selected group had all lost their mathematical ability due to the location of the brain damage. But because they didn’t know that they had lost this ability and no one could tell them because it sent them into a rage their Doctors were very frustrated.  Enter Roamer.  Using Roamer the young adults would find that it didn’t do what they wanted so would keep trying until it did.  This resulted in new neural networks being built  up to compensate for the damaged ones.  Roamer helped their brains rewire. And in the process helped them develop their mathematical ability anew.

So if punching your students in the head seems a bit of an unacceptable way to help them improve in Maths, why not try Roamer instead.

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