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It's all Chinese to me

A story that caught my eye this week was the one about the man who woke from a coma speaking perfect Mandarin.  Now I’m happy to believe that an over-developed left side of the brain can make someone a Maths genius (see previous blog) but somehow I can’t quite believe that we can suddenly start spouting a language we didn’t know before.  I don’t believe that Mandarin is lying dormant within us to be brought into bloom with a knock on the head.  They must have been exposed to the language previously and a bit more than watching “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.

So how do you teach a foreign language without sending your pupils into a coma?  It’s a problem that primary schools around the country are struggling with what with the advent of compulsory Foreign language teaching this year.  Of course Computing is also now compulsory but since we all know how good Roamer® is for helping to implement that already I thought I would focus on languages.  I have already had teachers telling me that roamer has helped enormously with teaching directions in another language.  So why not kill two birds with one stone and create language activities with Roamer® – then you will be doing both the language and the computing curriculum and that’s two less things for you to worry about.

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