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I Robot

For the last ten days I have been horizontal with damaged ligaments in my back.  This damage was sustained through painting my window sills.  Painting the window sills for God’s sake!  Addmittedly I was leaning from the inside out but even so…  It took me seven days to get enough mobility to visit my very brutal acupuncturist. So, yes, I’ve been in pain.  Enough pain to make me wish I was a robot. They don’t suffer pain, if something breaks they just replace the part.  Ideal.  I know that advances in medical technology and AI mean that these musings of mine could soon be a reality, but that won’t happen this week.

So this blog contains no insightful thoughts, no ponderings on educational philosophy or methodology just the statement that, at this present time, I would like to be a robot.  Preferably Roamer because then I would have the added bonus of bringing joy and happiness to thousands of children too!

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